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At Mike Pero Real Estate we have opportunities for enthusiastic, energetic and highly motivated individuals wishing to go the next level in their career of real estate. We’re talking about salespeople or Agents with a passion for the industry and who are at a stage in life where just working for someone else is not where they want to be. 


Business ownership and equity is the primary difference at Mike Pero Real Estate.  You have the confidence of knowing Mike Pero’s track record of proven business success and knowing that today there are more than 80 Mike Pero Franchises operating in New Zealand – Mortgages and Real Estate. With Mike Pero Real Estate you have support and structures that allow you to own your own business with a high level of support and certainty. 


Requirements -You will be a Licenced Real Estate 

Salesperson with a track record and results that indicate that

you are a performer.

You are likely to have three or more years in the industry or results that show us you have the ‘right stuff’.  

A Franchise is a 'Retail Real Estate Office' in all cases.  You will come onboard at Mike Pero as a Business Owner and own your own Branch.
This will require capital input on your part.  We may be able to assist.
You will be required to hold your REAA Agents Qualification or commit to commencing it within 12 months of commencement.

With Mike Pero Real Estate you will invest and own the exclusive rights to your own territory.  You will be expected to generate your own business as you have to date but with a high level of marketing support from an experienced Franchisor.  Over and above your own efforts the call centres will distribute calls generated by the company TV, radio, online and print marketing.


Training is provided to ensure that you receive all the verified and non verified training you are required to undertake.  Monthly Business Owner Meetings and sales meetings will further increase your skill set.  Supervision, support and advice is available from our experienced management team – seven days a week.

You will earn 80% of the full commission, not 50% or 60%, of a branch commission, which is often diluted even further by the time it reaches you. 

At Mike Pero we’re experienced in business, so we’ll help you build your business into an appreciating asset that could set you up for life.


Franchise territories are very affordable and include the rights to the Mike Pero Real Estate brand across your region. You can list and sell freely in any part of your city or town.


We emphasise the difference between your current position and the Mike Pero model.  Where you are now you may have a database or a client list but it has little or no value.  At Mike Pero you’ll own a franchise – a tangible asset, something that is internationally recognised as value.  In time you’ll establish trading history and you’ll start building value and equity.  When it comes time to sell you’ll likely have an office, territory, a sales team, trading history and goodwill that is saleable.  A business can typically sell at a multiple of previous years incomes.  So it would not be unrealistic to sell your real estate business for hundreds of thousands of dollars if you are a good operator (more or less).  Under current legislation in New Zealand the net proceeds and gain from the sale of a business is considered tax free.
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Opportunities Licenced Salesperson

You are a Licenced Salesperson REAA (2008) with proven industry results. You’ll be self-motivated, disciplined and you’ll know how to organise your day. You will be part of a dynamic team and managed/supervised by a team of experienced industry professionals.   Your share of the commission will be negotiated during your interview and will reflect your skill level, experience and ultimately your results going forward.  Our commission structures are often more rewarding than elsewhere but as well as that you’ll likely see more prospects, list and sell more and as a result you’ll take home more money.


Apply Online  - Your application is in absolute confidence



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